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Our locations

Hamburg - your gateway to the world

The headquarters of the HMS group is in the biggest port in Germany: Hamburg. It is also, after Rotterdam and Antwerp, the third-largest port in Europe. Hamburg is the logistical centre for supply to all north-German and European ports.

All types of deliveries

Deliveries by lorry, container and air freight are coordinated professionally from Hamburg.

A huge range on stock

The Hamburg subsidiary has an area of 37,000 m² and 25,000 items in stock at all times in the field of food & drink and gastronomy.

Internal customs clearance

Specialist staff look after the documentation of accompanying papers and food certificates in collaboration with customs and veterinary authorities.

Assured food quality

The subsidiary is IFS (International Food Standard) certified and has its own quality management. This standard encompasses all logistical activities and the handling of previously packed foodstuffs.

Our field services

Alongside our major locations, we have a worldwide field service with representatives in Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Miami. Our field service looks after ship supplies in the locations in question and the surrounding area, providing competent advice in the field of supply management during ship visits.

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